The Karomojong tribe of northeastern Uganda love to dance, which involves jumping high. The dances are reminiscent of the Maasai.

The tribes are a network of pastoralist farmers across the north east of Uganda close to the Kenyan border. Their recent history has been marked by armed conflict since the days of Idi Amin and, as a result, many of their tribes people were forced to move south into the urban towns, notably Mbale.

Many of the Karomojong tribe living in the poorest parts of Mbale retain the traditions and dances of their village ancestors.

As with many of the farming communities in this part of the world, the tribe is subject to the impact of climate change. The seasons are changing. Crops are failing and the cattle are dying as a result of the changing climate.
The dance of the Karomojong involves jumping as high as possible.
The village chief in his house, only lit by a small window and the door.
Pots and water carriers.
There is a strict hierarchy in the village; this is the son of the chief.
The beer is brewed in the village and offered in order of hierarchy.
The leader of the dance with the whistle leads the rest of the village.
Jumping as high as possible is part of the courtships involved in the dance.
Jewellery of a different kind.
Modern tech comes to the remote village.
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