Life on the streets for Zambia's young children
Life on the street in Zambia's capital city, Lusaka, can be rough and tough for the children who have run away from domestic and sexual violence. They run to the streets where they meet others who have been through the same experiences.

This is a choice between being beaten and raped at home or risking hunger, drugs and gangs on the street.

There is a way out for these traumatised children if they decide to take it. "Why wouldn't they?" - because there is a security in being with their newly found family, a fear of retribution from the gangs if they leave, and a certain freedom to live as they want.

But some children do escape and go on to lead a life of education and employment. The cycle can be broken and the trauma healed.

This is part of a story commissioned by one NGO working with the children on the street which then provides reintegration through schooling and trauma counselling.
Children sleep in cardboard boxes and tarpaulin.
Glue is the chief currency here.
Glue sniffed to keep the hunger pangs at bay.
Sleeping in a pile keeps the body warm at night.
A 2 year old baby among the sleepers.
Children are born and raised here.
Sleeping under the bridge
A boy relieves himself
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