The story of Mary, the stone breaker
Back-breaking work. Little money. Mid-day sun. This inhuman work is the only work that these women, and children can get.

This is the story of one woman, Mary, whose husband was killed in the stone quarry. With two young children she had no choice but to continue working.

The children attend a local NGO school for vulnerable children.
Mary in the quarry.
Mary's husband died in this place when the wall of stone collapsed and crushed him. She received no compensation and lost her home to his family.
Mary breaking stones in the mid-day sun.
Mary breaks stones all day. She only gets paid if a buyer comes and negotiates on a price for her stones.
A young mother works with her baby by her side
The trucks carry stones away from the quarry. The owners of the quarry do not allow photography and are secretive about the activity of the comings and goings.
The social worker pays a visit to Mary's children
Mary's house
Mary's house
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