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Around the world in many societies women have a lower status than men. The patriarchal structure of these societies has been around for thousands of years and is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the community, the family and the individual.

At another level, this lesser status has resulted in the oppression, and abuse of women and girls. Men have abused women and girls to gain sexual fulfilment, money and a sense of their own self worth.

This is a record of the stories of women and girls in societies around the world who have been victims of abuse, incest, rape, slavery and other injustices.
Together with other media professionals, we photograph, we film and we know how to get the story 'out there'.

Using multiple channels such as DRTV, print, and social, we are a team of experienced fundraisers and comms people who have worked in the NGO world for many years.

You could say our hearts are in the right place. 
Our desire is to tell the stories of the marginalised, the oppressed and those living in poverty.

Usually, but not always, these are women and girls who are denied many of the basic human rights, such as an education and opportunities held by their male counterparts.

We want to champion the courage and the strength in the face of adversity of so many around the world and make their story known more widely.
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